Safe Formia

Safe Formia

Project financed with funds from the National Road Safety Plan of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport

Location: Italy

Year of completion: 2018

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The problem

A widespread improvement in road safety requires interventions both on road infrastructure and user behaviour.

In the past, administrations tended to invest the scarce financial resources   at their disposal exclusively in infrastructure. Thanks to the commitment of European and national experts on such issues and to the funds made available by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the last decade has led to an increased awareness about the realisation of non-structural interventions (training courses, awareness campaigns, drafting of plans, use of information systems to support the experts).

The “Formia Sicura“ project (“Safe Formia”), financed by funds of the National Road Safety Plan of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport,  carried out actions aimed at road safety.

Our approach

The “Formia Sicura” project was conceived to act on three fronts contemporarily, with the involvement of all citizens:

  • strengthening of the ability to manage road safety;
  • training in a new road safety culture;
  • realisation of interventions on priority accident components.

The Municipality of Formia was equipped with information systems for the accurate analysis of accident data with their localisation and the choice of risk reduction interventions. These procedures were accompanied by the drafting of the Municipal Road Safety Plan so as to  facilitate the policy makers’ planning.

At the same time training courses were organised for managers and technicians, (aimed at the planning and use of information systems) and in schools to educate and inform young people on safer mobility.

Along with these the following were delivered:

  • awareness campaigns on drinking and driving;
  • information days on the risks present on roads with the use of an impact and rollover simulator.

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