Feasibility Study for the Relocation of Frosinone Railway Station

Feasibility Study for the Relocation of Frosinone Railway Station

Two alternative proposals for intervention aimed at reducing the problems arising from the position of the railway station of Frosinone

Location: Frosinone and Ferentino, Italy

Year of completion: 2014


The problem

The position of the railway station inside the urban area had extremely negative impacts on the traffic and safety conditions in the area and in that adjacent to the station itself.

The study thus aimed to identify sustainable alternatives that would improve user mobility and lessen the congestion and pollution existing in the area being studied.

Our approach

For the identification of the alternatives to the issues presented by the client, the work group needed a thorough and accurate understanding of the real situation in transport, infrastructure and socio-economic terms. The first phase of the work consisted in carrying out investigations, surveys, interviews, calculations on private transport, public rail transport (local and suburban), parking, freight transport, road safety, congestion and pollution in the area concerned and adjacent ones.

In the following phase of the work this made it possible to identify two alternative intervention proposals aimed at reducing the problems arising in the first phase:

  1. Improvement of the existing railway station;
  2. Relocation of the railway station to an area selected between Frosinone and Ferentino.

In the third phase, the following were carried out for both proposals:

  • estimate of the economic investment and operating costs;
  • identification of the potential benefits of the project, their quantification and, lastly, the estimate of the economic profitability indicators.

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