Safety Manager

Safety Manager

Safety Manager is the ideal web solution to support Road Safety Monitoring Centres in the analysis of road accidents at the national, regional, provincial, or municipal level

Safety Manager is an easy-to-use web application designed both to support the decision-making processes of the road safety specialists and to inform citizens on questions relative to road safety.

Safety Manager is the ideal support solution for road safety monitoring centres in the analysis of accidents at national, regional, provincial or municipal level.


  • A Decision-making Support System designed for the needs of professionals and managers working in road safety, transport and mobility;
  • Allows the collecting and managing of data scientifically in order to draw up policies and measures on the basis of facts;
  • A powerful instrument to manage the risk level of road infrastructures with a view to cutting edge road safety network management.

Main activities

  • Data collection for different players: police forces, hospital staff, insurance companies;
  • Specific modules based on a geographic information system custom designed for different stakeholders;
  • The data coming from various sources are automatically collected and paired; the accident data with no geocoding are assigned geographic coordinates by means of advanced algorithms;
  • Road Safety Plan: identification of critical road elements (junctions, corridors, links), cause analysis, identification of practicable countermeasures, efficiency analyses, result evaluation;
  • Communication: possibility of conveying information on subjects of road safety, involvement of citizens and other important stakeholders.

Safety Manager is available as a web application usable from browsers. A remote server hosts the web application and local installation is not required.

The application is organised in two sections:

  • The “public” area, accessible to everyone (web site), to support communication activities of the monitoring centre, in order to convey information on road safety and involve citizens and other stakeholders in the decision-making processes;
  • The secure access area that includes all the instruments used by technicians and professionals for the acquisition and management of data relative to roads, traffic, accidents on the network; road safety planning; choice of network interventions; assessment of their impact on road safety; intervention assessment.

Safety Manager is a software realised by making use of the most advanced web 2.0 technologies: Html5, css3, client side jQuery, while on the server is implemented the MVC paradigm (Model View Controller) of ASP.NET. It integrates a GIS engine based on Openlayers and Google API for the representation of geolocated data on a cartographic basis.


  • Safety Manager implements a module for the direct involvement of citizens in road safety problem identification and countermeasure definition (crowdsourcing).
  • Data management tools are available in a private area of the Safety Manager.
  • Through an intuitive web interface, it is possible to set various types of queries and get statistics on accident data and other related information. The analysis results can be represented as a map, a chart or as a table of values.
  • For the DSS’ engineering analysis, a vector graph (shapefile) of the road network of interest area is used, and each georeferenced accident with its latitude and longitude coordinates is associated with a single road element of the graph (road arc or intersection node).
  • The Safety Manager’s add-in for road accident data collection and management is one of the most used tools for the road accident data digitalisation process in the context of road safety projects in Italy.

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