Over the years we have managed to establish a relationship of respect and reciprocal trust with a considerable number of Clients in areas worldwide, constantly endeavouring to understand their needs and find suitable solutions, keeping up with the most innovative research. Furthermore, we try to create networks among the Clients themselves, in order to generate important synergies from their collaboration.

Italian context

At national level we support Public Administrations and private Bodies with studies, plans, integrated projects, IT systems, research activities and the management support of complex processes. Our regular Clients include:

  • Ministries
  • Regions
  • Municipalities
  • Mobility Agencies
  • Police Forces
  • Road Infrastructure Managers
  • Public Transport Companies
  • Business Mobility Managers
  • ICT companies
  • Logistics Companies
  • Research Institutes

International context

At international level our Clients are mostly “funding institutions” that support both our research and application/strategic projects. Of particular importance among these are:

  • European Commission
  • World Bank
  • UN
  • International Development Banks
  • International charitable organisations
  • National governments
  • Local governments
  • Research institutes

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