CTLup is located in the  Faculty of Engineering of the  Sapienza University of  Rome. You can find us at San Pietro in Vincoli in the former Convent  dei Canonici Regolari of the  Congregazione del Santissimo Salvatore in Laterano.

We are on one of the Seven Hills of Rome, the Esquiline, or  more precisely, on the  Fagutale which is the highest of the three elevations forming the hill. The roads around our premises closely follow the course of the ancient Vicus, around which were built monumental buildings like Nero’s Domus Aurea, the Baths of Titus and Trajan and the  Praefectura Urbis.

To work, look up and see the history and roads before us laid out  more than two thousand years ago  is a privilege, but above all an invitation to unite a centuries-old tradition and  the impetus  into the future that is our trademark.

Photo by Sailko from wikimedia commons. Shared under CC Share Alike 3.0

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