Safe Road Networks

Safe Road Networks

CTLup is available both in the Italian and international arenas in the field of road safety consulting for the design and implementation of observatories, data collection tools and information systems

Road safety has always been central to the research and development work of our group, which over the years has applied its expertise to projects and consultancy activity in Italy and internationally. 

We have taken part in the most important research projects carried out in Europe in the last 20 years (Rosebud, SafetyNet, SaferWheels, DaCoTA, SafetyCube among others) and we have coordinated very important research projects outside the EU (SaferBrain in Brazil and India, BE-SAFE in Belarus, SaferAfrica in African countries, just to mention the most outstanding ones). Furthermore, we represent Italy in the most important international road safety research networksFERSIIRTADECTRI, CARE.

In Italy we have provided support to the PA at different levels for the development and monitoring of strategic plans and instruments, such as the National Road Safety Plan (in its successive versions), CEREMSS (Regional Centre for Road Safety Monitoring of Lazio), CeMoSS (Road Safety Monitoring Centre of the Marche Region), the Municipal Road Safety Plan of the Rome City Council, as well as numerous plans developed for provinces and towns.

Our road safety analysis and planning research activities are carried out with the use of software products that we develop autonomously and which we customise according to the clients’ needs.

Specific services provided: 

  • road accident analysis;
  • in-depth investigation;
  • dynamic accident reconstruction;
  • network-wide road assessment;
  • road safety impact assessment;
  • safety audit and inspection;
  • road accident forecasting models;
  • creation and management of road safety monitoring centres;
  • road safety plans.

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