We support Public Administrations, International Institutions and Companies in the improvement of sustainable transport systems, applying the most innovative results of international research. Thanks to our “multi-ethnic” team, we work in all languages and in all areas worldwide.

Sustainable Mobility Systems

The CTLup provides public decision makers with the necessary support in the different phases of the policy development processes. The activities include the level of research, developed within the framework of research programmes, and the level of application to cases of interest to local, national and European public procurers

Safe Road Networks

CTLup is available both in the Italian and international arenas in the field of road safety consulting for the design and implementation of observatories, data collection tools and information systems

Innovative Public Transport Systems

Having experience in the optimisation of the public transport system in Italian and international fields, we offer a wide range of consulting services including vehicle fleet sizing, demand monitoring and data collection, network reconstruction, location of public transport stops and service design

Efficient Logistic Processes

The CTLup team can offer consultancy services in the field of logistics process optimisation including models for strategic forecasting, city logistics analysis and design, goods flow analysis and other

Ad hoc Information Systems

CTLup is active in the development, customisation and maintenance of information systems in the areas of mobility, logistics and road safety with services relating to user training, telephone help desk, IT and on-site assistance and others

Research and Innovation

CTLup’s team have developed various innovative business models and technology in a number of sectors: logistics and urban logistics, transport planning, innovative vehicles, ICT applications, sustainability and security

ICT Systems for Mobility

CTLup’s know-how in the study of the effects of ICT innovation on logistics and freight transport is expressed in the design of logistic systems, the development of new management models for logistics, the development of applications for vehicle routing, re-engineering and management innovation and others

Events and Awareness Campaigns

Our experience and knowledge enables the creation of activities organised for citizens or specific users, such as campaigns and events aimed at raising awareness about issues related to mobility, transport and road safety, the dissemination of the results of surveys, studies and research

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