Events and Awareness Campaigns

Events and Awareness Campaigns

Our experience and knowledge enables the creation of activities organised for citizens or specific users, such as campaigns and events aimed at raising awareness about issues related to mobility, transport and road safety, the dissemination of the results of surveys, studies and research

We try to make known what we do and, above all, to make known what our clients do. 

With the support of communication experts, we create campaigns and events aimed at improving  awareness to the issues linked to mobility, transport and road safety, like disseminating the results of surveys, studies and research. These activities can be organised for citizens in general or for a specific segment  of the public. 

In many of our activities we use our instruments of Crowdsourcing, suitably customised for each case.

Specific services provided:

  • events dedicated to specific subjects;
  • promotion of activities including face-to-face surveys on specific subjects, among which driving under the influence of alcohol, mobility safety amd protection systems;
  • creation of awareness weeks dedicated to mobility safety, sustainable mobility, promotion of actions undertaken, dissemination of plans and programmes;
  • preparation of questionnaires to know habits, analyse the results and propose solutions for improvement.

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