Municipality of Avezzano: SICURA II

Municipality of Avezzano: SICURA II

Realisation of strategic road safety interventions foreseen by the 3rd, 4th, and 5th annual PNSS implementation programme

Location: Italy

Year of completion: 2016

Areas: , ,

The problem

According to ISTAT data, in 2016 in the Municipality of Avezzano 136 accidents were recorded, 0 deaths and 136 injured, with an injury rate equal to 50.7 injured per 10,000 inhabitants (above the national average). This had a significant effect on the whole society, insofar as the overall social cost attributable to road accidents in Avezzano in 2016 amounted to €10.5 million, while at pro capita level roughly €248 per inhabitant.

Our approach

With the aim of improving the competences of the Municipality’s technicians in charge of road safety, the “SICURA II” project succeeded in:

  • increasing their ability to manage the road accidents of the Road Safety Monitoring Centre set up in the previous SICURA Project, equipping it with Safety Manager software;
  • improving the ability to manage road safety by training the technicians and decision-makers of the Municipal Administration on road safety scheduling, planning and management;
  • learning about the most frequent high-risk driving behaviours on the territory through road surveys;
  • raising the road safety culture level of students and citizens with training courses and awareness events on the effects of drinking and driving;
  • carrying out interventions for the reorganisation of road traffic and the completion of the cycle lane network.

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