Efficient Logistic Processes

Efficient Logistic Processes

The CTLup team can offer consultancy services in the field of logistics process optimisation including models for strategic forecasting, city logistics analysis and design, goods flow analysis and other

We work in collaboration with manufacturing companies, transport companies, providers of added value logistical services and the public administrations, to study and develop technological and organisational solutions that will improve the efficiency of infrastructures and services.

The study of the impacts of innovation in ICT on logistics and freight transport is central not only for the development of business strategies. The subject is of great importance also for the institutions, which find themselves having to face an important challenge: to bet on physical and information infrastructures that can create the conditions for a business logistics that is competitive and efficient, sustainable under the environmental and social profile. 

CTL has taken part in numerous international research projects on the subject (SULPiTER, SIROCCO, NOVELOG), along with a considerable number of research and development experiences at national level (LOGeco, Smart Packaging System 4.0, Healthy Cold Logistics), and it is a member of important international networks (Open ENLoCC). Furthermore, it has carried out important strategic international studies, such as AfCFTA (impact assessment on the continental freight transport system of the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement), on behalf of the UN.

Our present lines of research look at the use of self-driving vehicles in the city logistics processes, which we are developing in the context of the big international projects SHOW and Augmented CCAM.

Specific services provided:

  • freight flow analysis;
  • Road accident forecasting models;
  • City logistics analysis and planning;
  • Innovation in industrial logistics processes.

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