Mobility Operation Platform

Mobility Operation Platform

ICT platform for passenger and goods transport

Location: Italy

Year of completion: 2021

Areas: , , , ,

The problem

The project developed an ICT platform for passenger and goods mobility support, based on the innovation of the production processes and technologies of mobility services, focusing more on the clients’ point of view (demand) than on the operators’ (offer). In order to reach this objective, the project aims at managing the entire transport service process in an integrated multimodal way, for both passenger and goods transport.

Our approach

The approach foresees:

  • the study of operational models used in various international contexts so as to enable the adaptation of the solution to different mobility ecosystems, according to the size and needs of the companies;
  • the analysis of the needs for the different types of passengers carried out by a focus group;
  • the design of an information model, based on the most common international standards so as to guarantee the facility and coherence of the information flow among the different processes and contexts;
  • the study of distribution and supply models of ICT cloud platforms, to adapt to clients’ different needs.


Politecnico di Torino, Politecnico di Milano, Link University and AlmavivA

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