Road safety capacity building in the Republic of Uganda

Road safety capacity building in the Republic of Uganda

The overall objective of this assignment is to strengthen the capacity of Uganda in road safety management, data collection, analysis and research for evidence-based interventions, as well as building capacity in monitoring and evaluation


Location: Uganda, Africa

Year of completion: 2023

Areas: ,

The problem

Road safety in Uganda is deteriorating, and road crashes are likely to increase if effective interventions are not implemented. The WHO (2018) reported road traffic fatalities in Uganda is at 29 per 100,000 population and with vulnerable road users (VRUs) at the greatest risk (pedestrians at 40%, riders of motorized 2 and 3 wheelers at 33%, and cyclists at 6%).

As with other developing countries efforts are being made by the Uganda government to set national road safety policies but there are no mechanisms to ensure its implementation. Challenges identified spam across the road safety institutional management functions: coordination, legislation, funding & resource allocation, monitoring & and evaluation, R & D and knowledge transfer.

Our approach

The project includes the following activities:

  • Creating a Reference Group (RG);
  • Conducting needs assessment and analysis;
  • Short course curriculum development;
  • Identifying resource materials and developing curriculum materials;
  • Delivery of the short course on Road Safety;
  • Guiding the trainees in developing research concepts, carrying out research and dissemination of the research findings.

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