Lazio Region: economic regional interest Ports Plan

Lazio Region: economic regional interest Ports Plan

Plan of the sector making up an integral part of the PRMTL and focalised on tourist ports

Lazio Region

Location: Lazio, Italy

Year of completion: 2015

Areas: , ,

The problem

The system of all the national port facilities has always had heterogenous characteristics, to the point that the need came to create a ranking with the evolving   discipline in this area. The integration of port facilities with the rail and road networks serving them creates the need to make a qualitative leap in terms of functionality, efficacy, and efficiency in the mobility system in Lazio, also with reference to the specific stretch of coastline. From Formia /Gaeta to Civitavecchia the port facilities must be linked to the railway and large road network systems involved.

Our approach

The economic regional interest Ports Plan makes up an integral part of the PRMTL and is focussed mainly on tourist ports. The territory of the Lazio coast was divided up into three macro areas (A, B and C) for a uniformity and homogeneity of results and to align with what was established by the “Guidelines for the Drafting of the Ports and Coasts Plan of the Lazio Region”.

The Plan succeeded in:

  • Identifying the localisation and scaling of the works, bearing in mind the aspects of economic and environmental sustainability, landscape protection and continuity, the impacts on the regime of adjacent coastlines, as well as any possible economic and environmental inefficiencies due to interactions between the various ports;
  • setting out guidelines for standards and procedures for a sustainable development of the Lazio port system and the various sectors involved, like pleasure boating, fishing, tourism, and shipbuilding;
  • defining a transparent cooperative procedure between Public Administrations and Bodies that might actively involve citizens, with a view to developing new regional port facilities and the extension and upgrading of existing ones;
  • developing an information system for the storage, monitoring and analysis of data relating to regional port facilities.

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