Sustainable Mobility Systems

Sustainable Mobility Systems

The CTLup provides public decision makers with the necessary support in the different phases of the policy development processes. The activities include the level of research, developed within the framework of research programmes, and the level of application to cases of interest to local, national and European public procurers

The improvement of the sustainability of transport systems represents the main objective of all the international strategic planning documents, starting with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

CTLup provides public and private decision-makers with the necessary technical-scientific support in the various stages of the development processes of sustainable mobility policiesThe activities include the level of research, developed within national and above all international programmes and that of their application to strategic projects, for public and private contracting authorities at local, national and international levels. 

We have developed our know-how in the context of a considerable number of international research projects, while we represent Italy in international research Networks such as ECTRI, along with national ones such as Telma Lab. Furthermore, we took part in the drafting of PGM (General Mobility Plan) and coordinated PRMTL (Mobility, Transport and Logistics Plan of the Lazio Region), SUMP (Sustainable Mobility Plan for Sapienza University of Rome) and numerous PUMS, PGTU etc.

Consolidated methods are used in the activities, which represent the state of the art of the discipline, along with ad hoc approaches and information systems, specifically developed for the goals of the case study.

Specific services provided: 

  • mobility surveys and data analysis;
  • transport systems modelling;
  • citizen involvement (Crowdsourcing);
  • monitoring and assessment of mobility systems;
  • PUMS, PGTU, PSCL, regional plans.

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