PNSS 2030 (National Road Safety Plan 2030)

PNSS 2030 (National Road Safety Plan 2030)

Improvement of road safety by means of a strategic holistic intervention Plan for accident reduction

Location: Italy

Year of completion: 2022

Areas: ,

The problem

Italy pays a very high price in terms of road victims. In 2020, despite the reduction of mobility due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the relative positive impact on the number of road accidents, there were about 160,000 accidents in Italy with injuries causing the death of almost 2,400 people.

At the same time the European Commission asks the Member States for a considerable commitment, outlining the ambitious “zero road deaths” objective by 2050.

The Ministry thus sets out to improve road safety through a strategic holistic intervention plan for the reduction of accidents.

Our approach

The approach used by the workgroup for the drafting of the PNSS 2030 was based on the:

  • identification of the specific quantitative objectives, defined for the categories of users with higher risk levels, in terms of numbers of deaths and injured and the critical areas for their reduction;
  • identification of the specific strategies for the risk categories and the general ones of a transversal nature with the indication of ad hoc actions for each;
  • identification of the estimated resources necessary for the realisation of the proposed actions.

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