Monitoring of the Lazio Region’s Mobility System

Monitoring of the Lazio Region’s Mobility System

We deliver our know-how for the realisation of activities regarding the drafting of the Monitoring Report on the implementation of the PRMTL, the achievement of the goals of the Plan and on the behaviour of the regional mobility system

Lazio Region

Location: Lazio, Italy

Year of completion: Ongoing

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The problem

The mobility monitoring system of the Lazio Region comes into the vast group of activities headed by the regional government, among which  PRMTL (Piano Regionale della Mobilità, dei Trasporti e della Logistica – Regional Mobility, Transport and Logistics Plan) and CEREMSS (Centro Regionale di Monitoraggio della Sicurezza Stradale – Regional Road Safety Monitoring Centre), for the purpose of creating forms of development and valorisation of the territory, insofar as a crucial hub of the national and European infrastructural system.

This objective is expressed in the setting up of a Competence Centre (CdC), designed as a high level scientific instrument for the programming, monitoring and management of transport systems and their impacts. Each quarter the Centre is called upon to draft a Report on the implementation of the PRMTL, the achievement of the objectives of the Plan and on  the regional mobility system behaviour.

Furthermore, the Competence Centre is responsible for carrying out activities of assessment and support, modelling and programming assistance, realising instruments like the Control Room, Inframob and the Plan portal.

Our approach

Our workgroup supports the activities of the Lazio Region and the Competence Centre, facing the challenge of a more effective planning of sustainable mobility at regional level and thus contributing to the improvement of the technical-scientific monitoring capabilities and the management of the transport systems and their impacts.

Specifically, we supply our know-how to perform activities concerning the drafting of the Report: by means of the identification of specific performance indicators and the collection of a vast dataset, we extend the monitoring to the state of all the regional mobility systems (rail, road, ports, airport, logistic and bike lanes), to which is added a focus on urban systems and sustainability indicators.

The main data of the Report are published and summarised on the portal of the Plan, dedicated to the dissemination and sharing of the PRMTL and which also sees the participation of our team in the drafting of contents.

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