Training for Schools

Training for Schools

CTLup is involved in schools with projects dedicated to teachers and students on road safety

Education on safe behaviour on the roads improves the quality of life in our towns. CTLup is present in schools with projects on road safety dedicated to teachers and students. We help students gain awareness of the complexity of vehicle traffic, the dangers that may arise and the importance of respect for the highway code. 

We supply training modules on the use and abuse of alcohol to make students understand the risks linked to this and the respect for the health and safety of anyone moving along the road either on foot or in a vehicle.

Our educational activities for schools are twofold:

  1. student training;
  2. teacher training, enabling them in turn to train students (train-the-trainer).

In our courses, we use information platforms, developed by our programmers, that assist the teachers in future training activities. Furthermore, we use a series of instruments that allow the students to experience the risks that they will come across in their daily lives in conditions of safety. 

Customisable according to the Client’s needs, our core courses cover: 

  • Road safety, for second-grade secondary school students;
  • Use and abuse of alcohol, for second-grade secondary school students;
  • Road safety, for second-grade secondary school teachers;
  • Safe sustainable mobility, for the first and second-grade secondary school students;
  • Cycle and pedestrian mobility safety at school age.

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