Ascoli for Safety 1

Ascoli for Safety 1

The project sets out to analyse accident data, understand risks by means of support systems to decision-making and improve Road Safety through safe road networks and awareness campaigns

Location: Italy

Year of completion: Ongoing

Areas: , ,

The problem

The “Ascoli for Safety 1” project (“Ascoli per la Sicurezza 1”), financed with funds from the National Road Safety Plan of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, sets out to improve Road Safety in Ascoli Piceno and its neighbouring areas.

An overall improvement in road safety requires interventions both on road infrastructure and on user behaviour. In the past, administrations tended to invest the limited financial resources available exclusively in infrastructure. Thanks to the commitment of European and national experts on these issues and to the funds provided by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the last decade has seen a greater awareness with regard to the realisation of interventions of a non-infrastructural type (training courses, awareness campaigns, drafting of plans, use of information systems to support the experts).

Our approach

With its 12 different actions, the “Ascoli for Safety 1” project works concurrently on:

  • strengthening the capacity to manage road safety;
  • training in a new road safety culture;
  • realising interventions on priority accident components.

With the use of a decision-making support system, supervisors and technicians will be trained on the detailed analysis of road accidents, the understanding of risk factors and the identification of interventions for road safety improvement. The Annual Report and the Municipal Road Safety Plan will be drafted to support the planning.

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