General Urban Traffic Plan of Ascoli Piceno

General Urban Traffic Plan of Ascoli Piceno

The General Urban Traffic Plan of the Municipality of Ascoli Piceno was drafted with a view towards the future and sustainable forms of mobility

Location: Italy

Year of completion: 2016

Areas: ,

The problem

In order to foster the development and growth of the population and the territory itself, a fundamental aspect for the wellbeing of citizens lies in the planning of their movements within the Municipality for work and leisure time. A more fluid traffic system, from private to public transport, determined by a decongestion of urban traffic, produces a considerable saving in energy consumption and time for the citizens.

Our approach

On the basis of the results of the investigations and analyses regarding all the transport systems and road safety, the General Urban Traffic Plan of Ascoli Piceno has outlined a set of coordinated interventions for the improvement of the road traffic conditions in the urban area, aimed at pedestrians, public transport and private vehicles, to be realised over a two-year period, and on the assumption that the infrastructural facilities and means of transport remain substantially unchanged.

During the drafting of the Plan, stakeholders and citizens were involved by means of crowdsourcing in the sharing of problems and interventions for improvements.

In this perspective, the Plan aims to achieve:

  1. the improvement of traffic conditions;
  2. the improvement of road safety;
  3. the reduction of atmospheric and acoustic pollution;
  4. the reduction of energy consumption;
  5. the respect for environmental values.

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