An innovative site/app for the planning of sustainable itineraries at urban level

Location: Europe

Year of completion: 2013

Areas: , ,

Link: https://www.naviki.org/en/naviki/

The problem 

The transport sector is responsible for 30% of the total CO2 emissions in Europe, of which 72% is produced by road transport alone. Therefore, a more sustainable urban transport, with bicycles at its centre, is now a matter of urgency that can no longer be postponed. Unfortunately, however, even though the number of road accidents has gone down all over Europe since 2010, there has been no change in the number of cyclists that have lost their lives: 1 out of 3 road deaths is a cyclist or a pedestrian.

Our approach

Together with 12 other partners, our work group has developed the innovative Naviki site/app which makes it possible to plan an itinerary with three simple clicks: starting point, destination and modality. 

The result is a map (road, satellite or based on the OpenStreetMap, on which can be seen the presence of railway or police stations, cafés, restaurants, places of cultural interest) together with an elevation profile which can be downloaded onto the app or as a GPS file on the computer. The data sheet gives information on the altitude difference, the time needed for the journey and the calories consumed. 

Naviki is addressed to a series of national and local bodies, individual users (cyclists, motorists, tourists), local administrations, businesses and tourism organisations. 


Derby Cycle, Deutsche Bahn, Volkswagen, VSF, European Greenaways, Eurobike, Città di Vitoria-Gasteiz, Città di Roma, Città di Berlino, Città di Colonia, Città di Münster, Città di Amsterdam

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