DaCoTA (Data Collection Transfer & Analysis)

DaCoTA (Data Collection Transfer & Analysis)

DaCoTA adds new information and instruments to the European Road Safety Observatory (ERSO) in support of the already implemented policies

Location: Europe

Year of completion: 2012

Areas: ,

Link: http://www.dacota-project.eu/

The problem

The SafetyNet project set up the European Road Safety Observatory (ERSO), merging data and knowledge in order to support the decision-making process on safety. DaCoTA (Data Collection Transfer & Analysis) has further developed the contents of ERSO, tackling issues such as:  road safety policy and management, in-depth road accident data, data collection and organisation, accident prediction, eSafety and driver behaviour.

The evidence-based scientific knowledge has helped the countries that obtain the best results in road safety to formulate their most efficient policies.

Our approach

The approach was based on the following points:

  1. Development of a connection between the database and new road safety policies;
  2. Creation of a pan-European network for more detailed accident investigations;
  3. Development of a data warehouse on road safety, integrated with aggregated data and information required for the decision-making process;
  4. Development of accident prediction tools;
  5. Evaluation of smart safety systems;
  6. Development of a methodology for the ongoing monitoring of normal driver behaviour to be compared with other countries.


Loughborough University, NTUA, IFSTARR, IBSR-BIVV, SWOV, CHALMERS, Instituut voor Mobiliteit (IMOB), IVT, KFV, Instytut Transportu Samochodowego, Medizinishe Hochschule Hannover, Volkswagen, DGT

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