Lazio Region Mobility, Transport and Logistics Plan (PRMTL)

Lazio Region Mobility, Transport and Logistics Plan (PRMTL)

Drafting of the Regional Mobility, Transport and Logistics Plan of the Lazio Region which includes a summary report and 9 in-depth sector documents on various transport systems

Lazio Region

Location: Lazio, Italy

Year of completion: Ongoing

Areas: , , ,

The problem

The Regional Mobility, Transport and Logistics Plan consists in the scheduling of one of the main regional functions, both for the impact that it has on citizens’ daily lives and its economic importance.

This is not just a simple scheduling of infrastructures, but rather the in-depth analysis of all the transport systems and the setting of goals and interventions that, if correlated, can foster the sustainability of the city, territorial cohesion and economic development.

Our approach

As transport consultants, we have worked for years in close contact with regional managers, interacted with those responsible for business and transport companies and with sector stakeholders, organised questionnaires with citizens to draw up strategic guidelines and the interventions to be realised in the Lazio Region.

The 9 sector documents of the Plan closely examine the interventions foreseen for:

  1. rail system;
  2. road system;
  3. cycling mobility;
  4. port authority system;
  5. ports of regional interest;
  6. airport system;
  7. local public transport;
  8. logistics system;
  9. urban systems.

The study of the 9 transport systems was particularly challenging owing to the territorial features of Lazio, which links the north with the south of Italy and its Capital, representing a main attraction for the whole world.

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