PGTU – Municipality of Afragola

PGTU – Municipality of Afragola

Drafting of the General Urban Traffic Plan with the aim of reducing the external effects in the municipal area of Afragola

Location: Italy

Year of completion: 2010


The problem

Mobility in the Municipality of Afragola is closely connected to the use of cars, while other forms of mobility (public transport, bicycle, walking) have a marginal role. The road network capacity, both in terms of traffic flow and parking, is not such as to be able to cope with the current demand of movements by car, without generating phenomena of congestion and parking problems.

Car use has also risen over the years considering that the growth rate of the number of vehicles is far greater than that of the population and that there is an ongoing phenomenon of urban decentralisation, which determines an increased need to resort to using cars.

Our approach

By means of the criterion to focus its attention on the reduction of traffic effects, the main objective of the General Urban Traffic Plan (Piano Generale del Traffico Urbano, PGTU) was to optimise the present conditions of vehicular traffic and parking, in an effort to initiate a reversal of the trend which might gradually lead the users of the transport system in Afragola to use alternative forms of mobility more consistently. The interventions realised by the PGTU can be summarised in the two following types of general strategies adopted:

  • improvement of the transport capacity of the entire system, including the road network and parking areas;
  • orientation and control of the mobility demand towards modes of transport that require less availability of road spaces with respect to the existing situation.


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