Innovative Public Transport Systems

Innovative Public Transport Systems

Having experience in the optimisation of the public transport system in Italian and international fields, we offer a wide range of consulting services including vehicle fleet sizing, demand monitoring and data collection, network reconstruction, location of public transport stops and service design

The improvement of the sustainability of transport systems is achieved through the strengthening and improvement of Public Transport systems. We are involved in the development of highly innovated public transport systems, in which the use of ITS systems and increasingly advanced forms of automation make the public means of transport competitive with the private one.  

We take part in the development of innovative instruments for the real-time monitoring of the service, dynamic management and user interaction (Mobility Operation Platform) and systems of automated guided public transport (SHOW). At the same time, we support the PA in the planning of networks of Local Public Transport, as in the case of the new TPL scheme of the Lazio Region, developing service monitoring processes based on specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Specific services provided:

  • TP performance analysis;
  • network planning;
  • toll systems planning;
  • innovative systems and vehicles.

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