The transport sector is having to address increasingly more complex challenges: in the face of a growing demand for transport of people and goods, due to the growth of global commerce and the increase of the population in developing countries and cities, there is the need to reduce the impacts of transport, which contribute to environmental pollution, climate change, road accidents, in short, to sustainability. This has been aggravated by the rapid and unforeseeable changes brought about by the sudden events of the COVID pandemic.

CTLup is the start up created by researchers of the Research Centre for Transport and Logistics (CTL) of the Sapienza University of Rome to propose functional and innovative solutions in a changing scenario: a company dedicated to the development of ideas, products, training, innovative and functional services and processes in the field of sustainable mobility, logistics, road safety and technological innovation.

Innovation and digitalisation represent our added values. Hence, with our internal team of Computer Scientists, we develop information systems, take part in the most important international projects for the development of self-driving vehicles, support important national firms in industrial logistics process automation.

In order to achieve such an important vision CTLup relies on an interdisciplinary multilingual team of researchers led by Prof. Luca Persia, which includes native speakers of Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Albanese, so as to be able to work without linguistic and cultural barriers both in national and international contexts.

Our excellence is testified by a curriculum of over 25 years of experience in research and application, with projects ranging from those financed by the European Commission, the World Bank and the UN, to those developed in Italy, to experiences gained in constantly evolving contexts, especially in Africa and other developing countries in which our presence is strongly rooted.

A distinguishing feature of our approach to the planning and management of transport systems lies in the involvement of Citizens, who we integrate into the decision-making processes with specific instruments and processes developed by us.

Looking to the creation of a sustainable present and future, we give our best in order to contribute to the growth and wellbeing of our Communities.



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