Crowdsourcing is an easy-to-use web application designed to quickly set up consultations and surveys among citizens or among specific interest groups through the web

Collecting information from users and using common intelligence improves the planning process and increases the degree of acceptance of policies and measures. Crowdsourcing is the essential tool for any organization that wants to listen to people’s needs and interact with users by involving them in the decision-making process.

Crowdsourcing is an easy-to-use web application designed to quickly set up consultations and surveys among citizens or specific interest groups through the web.

Crowdsourcing was created to support mode planning processes of various kinds, which include among others, Regional Mobility Plans (such as the PRMTL, Lazio Regional Mobility Plan) and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (such as the SUMP, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan Rome).


The software has also been implemented within the African Road Safety Observatory SaferAfrica (as part of the SaferAfrica project) funded by the European Community to report road safety problems in African countries and propose appropriate countermeasures.

The main contexts for using Crowdsourcing are:
  • municipal, provincial, regional and national administrations that want to know the opinion of citizens or interest groups on issues that can be represented in a geospatial context;
  • participation of citizens in the decision-making process regarding choices of public interest in the field of mobility, transport, infrastructure or public interventions.
How to access Crowdsourcing:
  • anyone can access the Crowdsourcing web portal, explore the map of reports and proposals and navigate through the elements to see comments  and the like;
  • those who wish to take an active part in surveys and campaigns must register so that they can receive additional information and participate in the decision-making process.

Crowdsourcing is available as a web application. A remote server hosts the application and no local installation is required.

Crowdsourcing is a software that uses the most advanced web 2.0 technologies: Html5, css3, client-side jQuery, while the server relies on a PHP engine. It integrates a GIS engine based on Openlayers and Google API for the representation of geolocated data on a cartographic basis.


Crowdsourcing allows you to carry out surveys and analyzes based on the opinions and suggestions of users and stakeholders:

  • Provides geospatial localization functions of reports and proposals on a map centered on a specific area of interest;
  • It allows you to locate specific markers on the map through geocoded APIs and comment on reports or express approval or denial;
  • It offers the possibility to comment on localized situations through a set of markers on the map by directly selecting the pointer of interest;
  • It provides the possibility to conduct surveys to assess people’s opinion on topics of public interest or to evaluate their preferences among the different solutions proposed in the field of road safety.

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