3S Road Safety in Sora

3S Road Safety in Sora

Comune di Sora

Location: Municipality of Sora (FR)

Year of completion: ongoing

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The problem 

As in the rest of Europe, in Italy the number of road accidents recorded in 2019 is focussed on urban streets (74%), followed by suburban roads (21%) and motorways and ring roads (5%). Such situation is  to be found in the Municipality of Sora. An in-depth analysis of the accident density phenomenon in the municipality of Sora has highlighted how the injuries are concentrated mainly on the urban streets and  slightly predominantly on road sections. The greatest number of road injuries is recorded between car users, followed by pedestrians and cyclists. Moreover, the overall number of injured among the vulnerable users (pedestrians and cyclists) amounts to 16% of the total.

Our approach

As road safety experts, we have worked together with the Municipality of Sora for the realisation of road safety actions  to reduce the number of road accidents and train users towards  safe mobility. 

To achieve this, the work group carried out awareness activities and the training of secondary school students along with information for all citizens with the creation of the Municipality’s Road Safety Observatory. The local Administration was also provided with suitable tools and training for the safety monitoring of the local roads.

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