“Symbiosis” Research and Development Plan

“Symbiosis” Research and Development Plan

The "Symbiosis" project is a collaboration between industry and university to support the automotive sector, 5G and big data

Unit Holding

Location: Italy

Year of completion: 2020

Areas: ,

The problem

The Research and Development Plan named “Symbiosis” investigated already developed and ongoing technological projects to support the automotive sector, 5G and big data.

Industry-university collaborations have a long tradition in different countries worldwide and in today’s knowledge-based societies university skills take on a more and more crucial role in the achievement of economic growth. In some studies, it is estimated that about 1% of new products or processes of a company can obtain a relevant contribution from research and the academic approach. On the one hand companies benefit from scientifically qualified human resources and on the other, universities expand their approach towards an operative environment and technological development. Unit Holding decided to bring the academic scientific approach into its own group.

Our approach

The Research and Development Plan “Symbiosis” has the goal of introducing the “Industry 4.0” paradigm into all the companies of the group involved, along with the enabling technologies capable of incorporating all the potential of the future developments in automotive, 5G use and big data. The scientific methods and processes introduced made it possible to steer Unit Holding towards the optimisation of the technological developments undertaken and to monitor its work by means of technological innovation indicators, marketing, design, process, product, and sustainable methodological-organisational innovation. The technical-scientific collaboration set in motion the joint participation in international funding projects.

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