Municipality of Belluno: Mobility and Road Safety

Municipality of Belluno: Mobility and Road Safety

Activities aimed at the reduction of risks on roads and the promotion of the culture of road safety addressed to all the citizens of the Municipality of Belluno

Location: Italy

Year of completion: 2016

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The problem

According to the data published by ISTAT, in 2011 there were 144 accidents on the roads of the Municipality of Belluno, causing 2 deaths and 194 injured. In 2011 the social cost of this was equal to about €11.2 million.

In more detail, the analysis of the number of accidents by mode of transport for 2011, highlighted the following critical areas:

  • passenger cars were involved in 43% of the accidents (in 62 accidents);
  • the users of two-wheelers were involved in 29% of the accidents (in 42 accidents);
  • pedestrians were involved in 18% of the accidents (in 26 accidents);
  • cyclists in 10% of accidents (in 14 accidents).

As far as concerns the road area, the analysis showed that most of the accidents that took place in 2011 mainly concerned the urban context of the Municipality of Belluno (about 82% of the accidents).

Our approach

In the 4th and 5th Implementation Programme of the National Road Safety Plan, the project envisaged a series of activities aimed at the improvement of road safety.

The project made it possible to:

  • improve the skills of the personnel of the Municipality and all the facilities concerned in the phenomenon, by means of training activity, with the aim of improving their ability to analyse accidents, the features of the road infrastructure and the users and the capacity to intervene in risk situations;
  • involve the citizens in activities pertaining to road safety;
  • raise awareness and foster issues of road safety through the organisation of events and practical activities for all ages (from young people to families and the elderly).

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