Smart Packaging System 4.0

Smart Packaging System 4.0

Virtuous logistics model for the reduction of packaging and packing materials and their reuse in the returns management process

Location: Lazio, Italy

Year of completion: 2021

Areas: , ,

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URvPCrjOEvA

The problem

The “Smart Packaging System 4.0” project sets out to reach the following objectives:

  1. minimisation of the packaging volume;
  2. streamlining of the logistics processes of picking, packaging and delivery;
  3. environmental sustainability.

Our approach

In a Circular Economy perspective, the work group carried out the:

  • analysis of the internal company logistics procedures of picking, packing and delivery;
  • definition of the KPIs of the processes;
  • optimisation of logistics processes and outline of new procedures;
  • analysis of AS IS and TO BE state of e-commerce shipments with picking, packing and delivery simulations;
  • introduction of the carton wrap machine that constructs the packaging directly onto the product, with the reduction of materials used and the possibility of reusing them in the reverse logistics process;
  • optimisation of delivery rounds with VRP simulations with timeslots;
  • estimated consumption of the vehicles used for the deliveries according to the simulated VRP;
  • check on KPIs that the changes made to the logistical process lead to energy improvements: less waste of materials and less energy consumption.

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