Scientific Support to the Rome Municipal Road Safety Plan

Scientific Support to the Rome Municipal Road Safety Plan

The Municipal Road Safety Plan is a planning instrument grouping together all the actors, actions, procedures and instruments contributing to road safety

Location: Rome, Italy

Year of completion: 2012

Areas: ,

The problem

The project addresses three main needs of the local administration:

  1. To understand the entity and principal accident risk factors on the territory of Roma Capitale;
  2. To outline objectives and an intervention plan to improve the city’s road safety;
  3. To improve the knowledge and skills of municipal technicians and operators of the road safety sector with respect to the question of intervention planning and monitoring;

Our approach

The approach proposed is based on three main instruments developed:

  1. A yearly accident report that, starting with the analysis of the phenomenon in the city and comparing this with other big Italian and European cities, identifies the main risk components and conditions;
  2. The “Priority actions” document that sets down general and specific goals, the implementation programme of the Plan which includes transversal and specific actions for the components at risk;
  3. The interventions directory, a sort of manual for road safety technicians and operators with all the guidelines on the solutions to be systematically adopted to resolve the different types of critical situations.

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