HCL – Healthy Cold Logistics

HCL – Healthy Cold Logistics

Project aimed at identifying and experimenting solutions for the cold chain between -18°C and -20°C, up to -30°C

Location: Pescara, Italy

Year of completion: 2022

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The problem

HCL deals with the issue of the identification and experimentation of solutions suitable for the cold chain, in particular between -18°C and -20°C, reaching up to -30°C, focusing on the efficiency of the processes and the increase of the quality of work of the staff involved.

The project was created with the following objectives:

  • make the cold chain logistics process more efficient, also from an energy point of view;
  • improve the working conditions of the personnel working in environments at -20°C or below;
  • guarantee compliance with the restraints for the maintenance of temperatures during the logistics route of the products;
  • streamline the route of the last mile of the delivery of the cold chain products in an urban context.

Our approach

Below are the activities regarding our approach in the “HCL project – Healthy Cold Logistics“:

  • design and realisation of new modular, portable, adaptable and “intelligent” transport units (HCL shelters);
  • substitution of human resources in the operations in the more critical environmental conditions, with the use of automation in some of the loading/unloading/picking phases;
  • transparency and certification using information blockchain during the transport chain;
  • Warehouse and Process Management with the cutting-edge use of dedicated IoT technologies;
  • robotic systems in extremely cold environments and innovative picking management systems.

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