Province of Frosinone: Road Safety Training and Awareness

Province of Frosinone: Road Safety Training and Awareness

Activities aimed at increasing and improving the effectiveness of information and awareness campaigns on the value of road safety

Location: Province of Frosinone, Italy

Year of completion: 2016

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The problem

In the Lazio Region, road accidents record the highest values in the main towns and in the provinces of Rome, Frosinone, and Latina, where the municipalities are concentrated in which there are more than 1.9 accidents per 1,000 inhabitants. The mortality rate reaches more critical values (over 9.9 deaths every road accident) in the provinces of Frosinone and Latina.

Moreover, at regional level the municipalities coming into the provincial territory of Frosinone are among the those in which the levels of injuries and seriousness take on higher values (respectively, over 161.6 injured for every car accident and over 6 deaths every 100 fatalities or injured in road accidents). The use and abuse of alcohol by young people is among the most frequent causes.

Our approach

The project envisaged a series of activities aimed at raising awareness in upper secondary school students in the Province of Frosinone (8 schools in the territory for a total of about 500 students), on issues of road safety and the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs and driving.

The training course included theoretical and practical activities supported by educational equipment made up of alcohol and drug simulation glasses and tactile guiding paths. The training also involved the teachers with the aim of giving greater information on the habits of young people and to enable them to autonomously organise future training courses.

The teachers were given the Hazard Perception Test instrument which makes it possible to carry out a “profiling” of the driver starting from their own characteristics and knowledge, or make them aware of the difficulties, risks and responsibilities connected to the forced coexistence of different road users. As part of these actions, the project envisaged a training activity for the technicians and decision-makers of the Province.

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