A complementary project to the Intelligent Car Initiative

Location: Europe

Year of completion: 2012

Areas: , ,

The problem

Information and communications technology (ICT) can be used to provide intelligent systems that help cyclists to avoid or prevent accidents or mitigate their consequences. Examples include provision of accurate information on the safest route, the avoidance of red-light offences, bicycle detection by vehicles, blind spot signaling for trucks, and the use of intelligent bicycles, all of which reduce the risk of getting injured or the seriousness of the injury, so that increasing the safety of cyclists in Europe.

Our approach

A worldwide survey was conducted of potential E-safety applications for cycling with the main objectives:

  • to identify e-safety applications that have the potential to enhance the safety of cyclists in Europe;
  • to create knowledge and raise awareness about e-safety applications applied to cycling (policy, industry, users);
  • to speed up the adoption of (new) e-safety applications in cycling.

E-safety applications for cycling are a “greenfield” domain. There were assessed the need for standards in e-safety, established a platform for communicating the results and as a vehicle for matchmaking between relevant parties such as the ICT and cycling industries, the Intelligent Car Initiative, (local) authorities and service providers.


Mobycon, CDV, Hasselt University, IMOB


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