Smartpackaging 4.0: the project in collaboration with CTLup for e-commerce

Smartpackaging 4.0: the project in collaboration with CTLup for e-commerce

Logistics and freight transport

Smart Packaging System 4.0 is a hub for e-commerce, built on the outskirts of Rome by the LDI Logistics Group in cooperation with the Transport and Logistics Research Centre of La Sapienza University and co-financed by Lazio Innova.

“It is a warehouse for e-commerce companies that ship large quantities of boxes with different dimensions. Its end-of-line is automated and the packaging is tailored to the object to be shipped,” said Alessandro Bursese, CEO of the LDI Logistics Group. “It consists of a unique packaging machine, which automatically packs cardboard boxes of different sizes in real time, and a combination of services, space, technology, processes and specialised personnel, all engineered with a circular economy logic. The machine is called CMC Cartonwrap and is manufactured by CMC, a leading Umbrian packaging company.

From an environmental point of view, there is less use of materials, because the boxes have an easier opening and can be used for returns, the filling materials are reduced, and the use of adhesive tape, glues or other chemicals that compromise disposal is almost eliminated.

For companies, this means high productivity, quality of service and lower costs. They no longer have to store multiple box sizes, resulting in less warehouse space, no risk of not having the right size box, the labelling system for shipping is integrated, and high productivity (makes up to 1,000 boxes in 1 hour). Not to mention the positive image perceived by customers, who care about a lower environmental impact of their purchases, fast deliveries, easy-to-open packaging, and ease in the return process.

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