Steffel Ludivin Feudjio Tezong

Current roles

  • PhD Student at Sapienza University of Rome
  • Junior Consultant at CTLup

Main experiences

  • CTLup (Rome, Italy): Junior Consultant (November 2022 – to date)
    Supporting the team in delivering results for many projects related to sustainable transport and mobility, road safety, innovative public transport and ICT systems for mobility. Main activities include: analytical work, brainstorming and literature review; project proposal elaboration; project preparation including design and implementation; preparation of deliverables; identification of collaboration partners.
  • Ministry of the Public Works of Cameroon (Yaoundé, Cameroon): Support Engineer/Intern-Transport Department (July 2022 – December 2022)
    Supported the project team in the follow up of the activities related to the Transport Development Sector Program and the Transport Sector Support Program-Phase III. Main activities included: technical review and validation of the monthly reports; preparation of the Terms of Reference (TORs); evaluation of Consultants’ technical offers; redaction of administrative communication documents; follow up of the public procurement evolution.
  • Kalitas Construction (Yaoundé, Cameroon): Monitoring Engineer/Technical Team (August 2021 – July 2022)
    Supported the technical team in the design and implementation of blessing gas station-Odza (building construction project). Main activities included: design of the project (site visit, architectural and structural design, cost estimation, construction planning elaboration, etc.); complete monitoring and implementation of works on site (compliance with respect to the design, quality assurance and control, workers management, weekly meetings, salary management, material procurement and management, etc.).
  • Ministry of the Public Works of Cameroon (Yaoundé, Cameroon): Support Engineer/Intern-Transport Department (December 2020 – June 2021)
    Supported the transport team in the preparation, setting up, monitoring and evaluation of many projects including the Evaluation of the Road Safety databases and Analysis Center, the Establishment of the Reference Situation on Road Safety in Cameroon and the Design and Implementation of Road Safety Awareness and prevention activities. Main activities included: preparation of the Terms of Reference (TORs) and Notices of Expression of Interest (NIEs); evaluation of Consultants’ technical offers; technical review of the Consultants’ deliverables in relation to the Terms of Reference; redaction of administrative communications; follow up of the public procurement evolution.
  • Ministry of the Public Works of Cameroon (Yaoundé, Cameroon): Support Engineer/Intern-Transport Department (October 2019 – January 2020)
    Supported the transport team in the preparation, setting up, monitoring and evaluation of many projects including the design and implementation of a Regional Centre of Excellence for Road Safety Training in Cameroon, the elaboration of an integrated strategy for multimodal transport infrastructures in Cameroon and the design and implementation of a Master in Transport Planning in Cameroon. Main activities included: preparation of the Terms of Reference (TORs) and Notices of Expression of Interest (NIEs); technical review of the Consultants’ deliverables in relation to the Terms of Reference; redaction of the Technical Monitoring Group reports of meetings; conduction of traffic counting; follow up of public procurement evolution.
  • National Advanced School of Public Works (Yaoundé, Cameroon): Junior Researcher/Department of Civil Engineering (December 2018 – September 2019)
    Supported the research team of the NASPW (PO Box: 550) in carrying out its activities related to the road safety project “SaferAfrica: Innovating dialogue and problems appraisal for a safer Africa” and other road safety related project. Main activities included: carrying out Work Packages 5, 6 and 8 of the SaferAfrica project and writing their implementation reports; collection and analysis of road crash data at the Cameroon’s National Gendarmerie for the project of social costs of road accidents in Cameroon funded by the World Bank; dissemination of the SaferAfrica project result to Master student; training of Master student to research strategies and road safety.
  • Gruppo Piccini (Yaoundé, Cameroon): Monitoring Engineer/Intern-Technical Office (October 2018 – December 2018)
    Supported the quality control team (PO Box: 6650) of the technical office in the monitoring of the activities related to the Olembe Sport Complex. Main activities included: monitoring of the implementation of masonry and finishing works in the annex stadium (compliance with respect to the design, quality assurance and control, material management, weekly meeting, etc.); elaboration of weekly progress reports and quantity surveys for workers’ payment management.


  • PhD, Sapienza University of Rome (November 2022 – to date): Infrastructure and Transport (Area: Use of innovative technologies to perform road traffic and safety analysis)
  • Master’s degree, University of Padua (September 2020): Civil Engineering (Final Mark: 110/110)
  • Master of Engineering, National Advanced School of Public Works, PO Box: 510, Yaoundé, Cameroon (July 2019): Civil Engineering (Overall GPA: 3.76/4)


  • Road attribute coding delivered by the iRAP – International Road Assessment Programme (22nd March 2022)
  • Road safety engineering: e-learning course delivered by The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (31st January 2022)
  • Management practices for safer roads delivered by The United Nation Institute for Training and Research (5th August 2021)


  • French (mother tongue)
  • English (good command)

Luca defines himself as a nature and animal lover. And it would seem that he is in no way kidding about this, as he owns a farm in his native town Avezzano, with 15 dogs, a donkey, various goats, geese, ducks, hens and other animals. At present he breeds Giant Schnauzers, but in the past he also had Dogues de Bordeaux, Neapolitan Mastiffs and Bull Terriers. He loves sport and is a Lazio supporter.

Luca Persia

Born in Trabzon, Turkey, into a family of engineers–architects, Kagan loves travelling, especially in Europe. He defines himself as an optimist: in fact, he believes that everything can be managed and organised. He is keen on swimming and all water sports and favours science fiction novels and history. Last, but not least, he is passionate about his friends and his time shared with them.

Sevket Oguz Kagan Capkin

Roberto lives in Ciampino, where he was born. His rural origins often take him back to the countryside, where he tends to his plants and garden. It is there that he finds his natural habitat, restoring body and spirit. He is very keen on reading, technology, electronics and Hi-Fi and photography and in recent years has discovered a new hobby piloting a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone in open spaces and taking pictures from above. He also loves walking, especially in the woods and the mountains, searching for mushrooms, blackberries and wild fruits.

Roberto Carroccia

SERGIO (Celestino is the surname, by the way!), was born by chance in Turin some years ago. He grew up by the sea and has lived in different places in Italy and abroad and now lives in an ancient Etruscan town, near Rome. When he was little he was blonde, then he played in pubs, was the hiker, the mayor, the dreamer; now he’s still an architect, not long been an journalist and is often forced to go to the gym because of his love of wine and cheeses. In short, if it were for him he would always have a rucksack on his back and his dream has been to fly since he was a child.

Sergio Celestino

Colombian, Brayan is keen on travelling (over 30 countries visited), so much so that in the last 5 years he has lived in four different countries. This has allowed him to have an open mind, discover other cultures and learn other languages: he speaks English, Spanish and Italian. In 2018 he began running by pure chance, and today running is very much a fundamental part of his life. He loves tattoos and this is obvious as he has 15 of them. Lastly, he is a promoter of sustainable mobility, moving on foot, by bicycle and using public transport.

Brayan González-Hernández

Artsiom, for his friends Artem, was born in Brest, Belarus, a town situated literally on the border between Poland and Ukraine. At present, he lives in a place with fewer boundaries, but just as beautiful - Rome. Artem challenges the chaos of the city by cycling, loves reading, travelling and doing sports, especially football, swimming and running.

Artsiom Sauchuk

Davide loves walking even though, every now and again, he prefers wandering around aimlessly – and as he’s an engineer we don’t even ask why. With an Italian mother and Japanese father, Davide has always sought to bring the features of both cultures into his work and life. In his spare time, he loves reading, especially the so-called “ninth art”: cartoons.

Davide Shingo Usami

Stephen was born in Kumbo, in the grass field areas of Cameroon. Growing up in an area with earthed roads which becomes very inaccessible during the long 8 months rainy seasons made him grow interest in studying Civil engineering. Being very passionate in promoting shared prosperity and in reducing poverty & suffering has motivated him to pursue his career on road safety where road accidents pose as “weapons of mass destruction” especially in low-income countries. While Stephen is a good goalkeeper who is always called up in his local football competition, in his free time, he loves cooking his cultural dishes (which he cultivates) and also spends time singing with his church choir.

Fondzenyuy Stephen Kome

Francesca is a Leo with a Leo ascendant: a combination that emphasizes her strong and determined personality. She doesn’t back out in front of challenges and difficulties. She loves staying in touch with people: a social animal that, selflessly, is omnipresent for those who needs her. She has always adored cuisine but, above all, cooking: cheesecakes are her main courses. She often says that, in another life, she will be a veterinarian, because she madly loves animals.

Francesca Damiani

Mohammed Khadeeruddin, for his friends Khadeer, comes from the vibrant city of Hyderabad, located in the southern part of India and known for its rich history, diverse culture and delectable cuisine. He enjoys immersing himself in the dynamic atmosphere of his city, concentrated around the iconic Charminar and the enchanting Golconda Fort: when he comes back in his homeland, during his leisure time, you can find him exploring the bustling markets, indulging in street food or, simply, relishing the city's laid-back charm. With a passion for cricket, he has honed his skills as an all-rounder, excelling in multiple aspects of the game.

Mohammed Khadeeruddin

Irуna comes from Ukraine. She was born in Kamchatka: somewhere very far, between Japan and Alaska, among volcanoes and geyser valleys, which most likely affected her love of active life. You can’t find her on weekends or holidays at home. She likes to travel, discover non-touristic places without using guides and create non-standard and fascinating trips for her friends. But a special passion for her is the sea in all its daily diversity and grandeur. She loves water sports: diving, snorkeling, and canoe. Although not averse to just relax on the beach and dream about something. She has inner resolve and a little adventurism that allows to cope with all the challenges that life throws at her. She never gives up and believes in the best under any circumstances.

Iryna Tkachenko

Tejas hails from Bangalore, often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of India”: his formative years have been greatly influenced by the city's thriving startup culture and technological advancements. He has nurtured a deep interest in percussion instrument and martial arts, culminating in the achievement of a black belt in Taekwondo. His fascination with drones has been a driving force in his life. In recent years, he has embarked on exhilarating motorcycle rides with a vibrant biking community, exploring the diverse landscapes, languages and cultures that India has to offer. Each achievement has added to the richness of his experience and personal growth. And, as he approaches the milestone of turning 30, he has compiled a list of aspirations he aims to fulfil.

Tejas Singri Krishnamurthy

Marco was born in Rome where he lives with his family. He has loved technology ever since he was a child playing video games with his dad and he made it his career by graduating in computer engineering. During his career he has been involved in research, design and development of applications of various types working with various programming languages, as well as teaching for professional training courses. He loves video games and sports like football, swimming and recently padel.

Marco Di Rocco

“Clear, healthy madness”: perhaps, these words should be enough to describe Manuel. Scorpio according to Western astrology, Wolf of Irpinia according to his identity card. He loves the adventure, risk and improvising, the same quality that allows him to enjoy the most exciting travels, excursions and nights. He made his curiosity into his profession and combined it with his visceral passion for writing. Inviting him to lunch or dinner could be a great idea, especially if the menu is based on traditional dishes. But someone goes around saying that he could invite you, given his growing interest in cooking, as well as in team sports (football and basketball above all).

Manuel Merolla

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