Luca Persia

Current roles

  • Director of the Research Centre for Transport and Logistics (CTL) of the Sapienza University of Rome
  • Professor of Transport PoliciesRoad SafetyEconomic Technique and Transport Policies, Sustainability Science
  • President of CTLup
  • Scientific Director for the CTL/CTLup of international research Projects: SHOW, Drive2theFuture, ADAS&ME, SMALOG

Main experiences

Luca Persia carries out his research activities mainly at international level (European CommissionOECD, World Bank, UNECA). He has taken part in more than 30 international research projects, in some cases as general Coordinator, in others as Scientific Director for La Sapienza University. He has also participated in strategic national projects (Transport Plans, Traffic Plans, Road safety Plans, Infomobility Plans), often as Coordinator. 

He is part of a number of important national and international research networks, representing Italy in some of them. Among others: 

  • ECTRI (European Conference of Transport Research Institutes);
  • FERSI (Forum of European Road Safety Research Institutes);
  • IRTAD (International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group, OECD – International Transport Forum).

Great part of his research activity is dedicated to projects for the development of low-income countries, with particular attention to African countries.

Among the projects at present/recently coordinated, of particular importance are:

  • AfCFTA project – Study on the Implications of the African Continental Free Trade Area for Demand of Transport Infrastructure and Services in African Countries (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa UNECA) for the evaluation of the effects of the introduction of the free trade treaty among African countries on national and international transport systems;
  • SaferAfrica project (European Commission DG RESEARCH) for the creation of a scientific/institutional Dialogue Platform, which makes it possible to improve the knowledge of road accident issues in Africa and establish policies and interventions to reduce the number of fatalities and injured;
  • BE-SAFE project (European Commission DG EAC) for the introduction of research on road safety into the university system of Belarus, the creation of Masters on road safety and the development of national policies for the accident reduction;
  • Conception et Mise en Place des Bases de Donnees des Accidents de la Circulation et d’un Systeme d’Information sur la Securite Routiere au Camerounproject (Republic of Cameroon – World Bank) for the development and introduction of an innovative information system for the collection and analysis of road accident data in the Republic of Cameroon;
  • SaferBraIn project (European Commission DG MOVE) for the improvement of road safety in Brazil and India, through the development of innovative methods and measures, using the findings of the European research.

At national level:

  • General Guidelines for the Implementation of the National Road Safety Plan 2030” (Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport);
  • PRMTLPiano Regionale della Mobilità, dei Trasporti e della Logistica (Lazio Region);
  • CEREMSS – Planning, Facilities and Realisation of the Central Information System for Road Safety Monitoring of the Lazio Region (ASTRAL S.p.A.);
  • MOP Development of the “Mobility Operation PlatformInformation System for Public Transport (Almaviva, Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico);
  • Project for the creation of the Regional Road Safety Monitoring Centre of the Marche Region (Regione Marche, Ministero delle Infrastrutture e Trasporti);
  • Ports Plan of the Lazio Region (AREMOL, Lazio Region);
  • Monitoring and technical administrative assistance for the implementation of the National Road Safety Plan” (Ministero delle Infrastrutture e Trasporti).

He is the author of about 70 scientific articles published in international journals and reviewer for the journals Accident Analysis and Prevention, Safety Science, International Journal of Injury Control and Safety PromotionEuropean Transport Research ReviewAdvances in Transportation Studies.

In 2019 he was awarded the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for his studies on road safety in African countries in the SaferAfrica project.

Born in Trabzon, Turkey, into a family of engineers–architects, Kagan loves travelling, especially in Europe. He defines himself as an optimist: in fact, he believes that everything can be managed and organised. He is keen on swimming and all water sports and favours science fiction novels and history. Last, but not least, he is passionate about his friends and his time shared with them.

Sevket Oguz Kagan Capkin

Roberto lives in Ciampino, where he was born. His rural origins often take him back to the countryside, where he tends to his plants and garden. It is there that he finds his natural habitat, restoring body and spirit. He is very keen on reading, technology, electronics and Hi-Fi and photography and in recent years has discovered a new hobby piloting a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone in open spaces and taking pictures from above. He also loves walking, especially in the woods and the mountains, searching for mushrooms, blackberries and wild fruits.

Roberto Carroccia

SERGIO (Celestino is the surname, by the way!), was born by chance in Turin some years ago. He grew up by the sea and has lived in different places in Italy and abroad and now lives in an ancient Etruscan town, near Rome. When he was little he was blonde, then he played in pubs, was the hiker, the mayor, the dreamer; now he’s still an architect, not long been an journalist and is often forced to go to the gym because of his love of wine and cheeses. In short, if it were for him he would always have a rucksack on his back and his dream has been to fly since he was a child.

Sergio Celestino

Colombian, Brayan is keen on travelling (over 30 countries visited), so much so that in the last 5 years he has lived in four different countries. This has allowed him to have an open mind, discover other cultures and learn other languages: he speaks English, Spanish and Italian. In 2018 he began running by pure chance, and today running is very much a fundamental part of his life. He loves tattoos and this is obvious as he has 15 of them. Lastly, he is a promoter of sustainable mobility, moving on foot, by bicycle and using public transport.

Brayan González-Hernández

Kristaq is a nature and sports lover. He goes diving and enjoys a game of five-a-side football with friends. He is passionate about history and, the excellent scholar that he is, prefers precise historical periods: the medieval in the Balkans and the World Wars of the 19th century.

Kristaq Pepkolaj

Artsiom, for his friends Artem, was born in Brest, Belarus, a town situated literally on the border between Poland and Ukraine. At present, he lives in a place with fewer boundaries, but just as beautiful - Rome. Artem challenges the chaos of the city by cycling, loves reading, travelling and doing sports, especially football, swimming and running.

Artsiom Sauchuk

Berrak was born in Istanbul, Turkey. She has always loved all animals, but cats have a special place in her heart. She has always loved science but thanks to her elder sister she learned to appreciate engineering in particular. What fascinates her instead is losing her way in the narrow streets of towns (Rome included) with her bicycle and observing their most beautiful details. At the weekend you are likely to find her in some local pub drinking an iced IPA.

Berrak Senses

Davide loves walking even though, every now and again, he prefers wandering around aimlessly – and as he’s an engineer we don’t even ask why. With an Italian mother and Japanese father, Davide has always sought to bring the features of both cultures into his work and life. In his spare time, he loves reading, especially the so-called “ninth art”: cartoons.

Davide Shingo Usami

Stephen was born in Kumbo, in the grass field areas of Cameroon. Growing up in an area with earthed roads which becomes very inaccessible during the long 8 months rainy seasons made him grow interest in studying Civil engineering. Being very passionate in promoting shared prosperity and in reducing poverty & suffering has motivated him to pursue his career on road safety where road accidents pose as “weapons of mass destruction” especially in low-income countries. While Stephen is a good goalkeeper who is always called up in his local football competition, in his free time, he loves cooking his cultural dishes (which he cultivates) and also spends time singing with his church choir.

Fondzenyuy Stephen Kome

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